About Us

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Landowner Alliance

Our Mission:  

To represent the interests and rights of Pennsylvania oil and gas resource owners and landowners and to advocate for the equitable development of our resources.
Gas Drilling Rig with American Flag

Founded in 2010, our organization recently re-named itself Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Landowners Alliance (POGLA). We are excited about the new opportunities that this change offers us.  

  • We are reaching out to support our members in active management of their Oil and Gas Royalties and properties with more meeting opportunities, better communication, and new membership tools.
  • We have a new membership structure that is designed to attract new members and help us keep our members engaged and involved in shaping our future.
  • We are focused on Pennsylvania Oil and Gas issues.  We need to keep pace with legislative, judiciary, and regulatory challenges that Pennsylvania faces every day, while also keeping up to date on issues of national importance as they arise.

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Volunteer Today!

POGLA is a volunteer-led organization.  If you would like to volunteer please contact [email protected] today!  We need help in many areas!

POGLAExecutive Committee

President- Robert Sher
Vice President- Thaddeus Stevens
Secretary- Valerie Antonette
Treasurer- Kevin T. Downs
Immediate Past President- Jackie Root