"POGLA is such a valuable resource for anyone with a gas /oil lease. Where else can you get all the information important to us as lessors.  Being a POGLA member makes it so easy to keep on top of new legislation and other happenings in the energy business! We are all busy and to have all this information available as a member is invaluable. POGLA has its finger on the pulse of Harrisburg for our benefit!"  Janet Lewis, Bradford County Member.

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Member Benefits

Owners and lessors of subsurface Oil and Gas resources need up-to-date information to manage their resources.  We have several new membership options to accommodate the needs of our members. Each of these membership levels covers you and your spouse or other member of your household for one year (from the date joined). Your spouse or other household member is listed on the Membership form as a co-member. In any Alliance activity that requires voting, you will be entitled to one vote per Membership (Business Memberships do not include voting rights). Printable Membership Application

  • $ 50 - Basic:  Voting rights and access to many members-only privileges on our new website, free coffee shop meetings and event discounts.  
  • $150 - Full Partner: This membership is for individuals who recognize the importance of legislative action and are contributing to the support of our legislative consultant.  Free coffee shop meetings and event discounts are included.
  • $ 500 - Sustaining: For those members who support the mission and want to set POGLA up for success in their mission to promote fair oil and gas legislation in Pennsylvania. Free coffee shop meetings and event discounts. Special invitation only events.
  • $100 - Group Membership: This membership is for a family or group who want to manage multiple members with group-level billing.  Individual members within a family or group have voting rights and receive all of the benefits of basic membership.  An unlimited number of individuals may be added at a price of $50 each.
  • $ 300 - Business: This organizational membership allows you to include up to three of your business associates in a packaged membership. For 4 or more business associates, add $100 per additional member. Business members receive special pricing on event sponsorship and a sponsor ad on POGLA's website. Associates are eligible for event discounts. This is a non voting membership.